Am I Eligible?

My Self

  • I am a home owner in Dominica
  • I am a citizen or permanent resident of Dominica and I have proof of this

My House

  • My house size is up to 500 sq. ft.
  • My house was completed destroyed by Hurricane Maria
  • My house must be my primary residence and I was an occupant of that house at the time of Hurricane Maria
  • I have proof of ownership or documented permission to use the property
  • My house is not in a landslide or flood risk area. If my home is in such an area, I can re-locate it to a safer area on my property
  • My house is not located in a protected area or within 200 meters of a protected area

My Support

  • I have not received direct reconstruction/structural restoration of my home through Government or another donor housing program
  • I did not have insurance coverage for my house prior to Hurricane Maria
  • I am unemployed due to Hurricane Maria
  • I am a recipient of Public Assistance Education Trust Fund and Over 70 Allowance
  • Part of my house was used as a source of livelihood/income

Special Consideration will be given to single households, the elderly, the disable and the most vulnerable groups, like persons still living in a shelter or still living with others.

What Do I Need to Apply Image

What Do I Need to Apply?

  • Official photo ID (one of the following):
    • Passport
    • Social security card
    • Driver's license
  • If applicable, citizenship documentation or permanent residence certificate
  • Land title/permission to build
    • This may be uploaded at a later date but will be required before acceptance onto the project

Online Application Form

Eligible candidates can also submit applications via our Online Application Form. Please ensure all required documentation is in-hand before starting as progress on the form cannot be saved.

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