My Self

  • I am a home owner in Dominica
  • I am a citizen or permanent resident of Dominica and I have proof of this

My House

  • My house size is up to 500 sq. ft.
  • My house was completed destroyed by Hurricane Maria
  • My house must be my primary residence and I was an occupant of that house at the time of Hurricane Maria
  • I have proof of ownership or documented permission to use the property
  • My house is not in a landslide or flood risk area. If my home is in such an area, I can re-locate it to a safer area on my property
  • My house is not located in a protected area or within 200 meters of a protected area

My Support

  • I have not received direct reconstruction/structural restoration of my home through Government or another donor housing program
  • I did not have insurance coverage for my house prior to Hurricane Maria
  • I am unemployed due to Hurricane Maria
  • I am a recipient of Public Assistance Education Trust Fund and Over 70 Allowance
  • Part of my house was used as a source of livelihood/income

Special Consideration will be given to single households, the elderly, the disable and the most vulnerable groups, like persons still living in a shelter or still living with others.