Indigenous Peoples Plan Housing Recovery Project

Indigenous Peoples Plan Housing Recovery Project
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19 February 2021
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The World Bank was the first multilateral development bank to introduce an Indigenous Peoples Policy. Its first policy on Indigenous Peoples was adopted in 1982 and was designed initially to consider the needs of relatively isolated and unacculturated tribal groups affected by development projects. This policy is currently applicable to all Bank-financed projects identified as affecting indigenous peoples.

The Indigenous People's Plan (IPP) OP 4.10, considers all projects that are proposed for Bank financing and affect Indigenous Peoples. Within each IPP, the World Bank requires the borrower to engage in a process of free, prior and informed consultation resulting in broad community support to the project by Indigenous Peoples.

The Dominica Housing Recovery Project, financed by The World Bank, aims to improve the resilience of the housing stock, encourage resilient building practices, and provide support to vulnerable households in Dominica. The project supports the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GoCD) housing strategy and aims to build a process that could be used for reconstruction or replacement of damaged homes throughout the country with any source of funding. The process would address deficiencies in planning processes and impediments to the uptake of resilient building practices in the country.

The following information sets the context in which the IPP is being developed and provides social, cultural, demographical and political characteristics within the Kalinago Territory.

Posted: 05/05/2020
Updated: 19/02/2021

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