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  • The Housing Recovery Project (HRP) is a new, island wide project designed to replace destroyed houses while building resilience in the housing sector in Dominica
  • Successful applicants will be provided with financial, technical and administrative assistance through HRP to drive their individual, owner-driven reconstruction process
  • Financial support will be provided in the form of a grant, to the homeowner, with payment releases at key construction stages of a safe, resilient new home
  • The Project will benefit approximately 676 households with completely destroyed small houses

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  • Applications Welcome!
  • Applications will be screened against the eligibility criteria as they are received, followed by a categorical prioritization, verification and validation process
  • Potential participants will also be required to provide access to the property for the HRP team to conduct an assessment to determine site safety

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  1. Application
  2. Approval to join project
  3. Design and permits
  4. Construction preparation
  5. Foundation
  6. Walls
  7. Roof
  8. Complete house