Communications, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

The Communications, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist will design and carry out a communications strategy to increase public awareness, understanding and buy-in of the Project activities and ensure dissemination of information to potential beneficiaries and affected households. The Specialist will serve as the direct supervisor of the communications strategy and its implementation, in close coordination with the Government and World Bank. Additionally, the Specialist will establish a results-based monitoring approach, monitor data quality, track the progress of activities, contribute to staff capacity building initiatives, provide strategic information to the PIU Project Manager for evidence-based decision making, support the development of programmatic and management reports, and coordinate with technical divisions of the MoH and MoP to implement specific project interventions.

Minimum Required Qualifications and Experience

Minimum qualifications: Master's degree (Communications, Public Affairs, Journalism, Marketing, or other related field) with a minimum of 2 years' relevant experience, or a Bachelor's degree in the aforementioned fields and 5 years' of experience.

Applicants whose qualifications and experience are in line with the Terms of Reference are invited to submit their CVs by July 24th, 2020.

Read the entire Communications, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (PDF, 49 KB).

Posted: 30/06/2020