The Housing Recovery Project hosts its First Homeowner Orientation

Thirty-six (36) Beneficiaries from communities around Dominica are now set to receive support from the Housing Recovery Project (HRP) by participating in its First Homeowner Orientation on Friday, 28th August, 2020, in Roseau, Dominica.

The HRP's Implementation Unit, under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, facilitated this one-day event which culminated in the official enrolment of half of the first cohort of beneficiaries.

During the official ceremony, participants were addressed by the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit and Honorable Senior Minister and Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Reginald Austrie; and were introduced to key project partners such as the World Bank Task Team Leader for the HRP and the Design and Supervision Firm.

The HRP, which was designed to support the reconstruction of small, privately owned homes that were completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria, commenced the application process in September 2019. Screening, assessment and reviewing through the project's Management Information System (MIS) formed part of the beneficiary selection process which resulted in the approval of 90 beneficiaries thus far.

In keeping with World Bank policies and standards, each approved beneficiary list is published on online media platforms, including the HRP website, for a period of two weeks for transparency and final verification. Following this period, beneficiaries who have satisfied all requirements and verification, are enrolled in the project to take advantage of financial, technical and administrative support to reconstruct their new home in their respective communities.

Guided by the COVID-19 health, safety and hygiene protocol as it relates to physical distancing, the HRP PIU will host the other half of the first cohort of beneficiaries at another date. As the beneficiary selection process progresses, additional beneficiary lists will be published.

HRP First Homeowner Orientation Photo
HRP First Homeowner Orientation Photo
HRP First Homeowner Orientation Photo