Why is There a Need for a Housing Recovery Project in 2019?

Trends Worldwide and in Dominica

Did you know that
  • Since 2011, natural disasters have severely impacted Dominica every two years?
  • Climate change is expected to worsen the frequency, intensity, and impacts of extreme weather events such as category 5 hurricanes?
  • Dominica is becoming more vulnerable to disasters resulting from these events, coupled with volcanic and seismic risks?

The HRP is designed to re-construct homes which can withstand these extreme weather events and negate impacts of seismic activity.

Numbers Tell Our Dominica Housing Story post Hurricane Maria

Did you know that Hurricane Maria
  • Affected 90% of the housing stock on Dominica in one day: September 18, 2017?
  • Destroyed more than 4,500 houses and partially damaged over 20,000 houses?
  • Resulted in approximately US$354 million in damages and US$28.5 million in losses to the housing sector?

A herculean effort is needed to redress the situation and the HRP is the latest project under the National Housing Repair and Reconstruction Programme to provide help to home owners for reconstruction of their completely destroyed houses.

National Housing Repair and Reconstruction Options

Did you know that
  • The housing repair and reconstruction needs of Dominica goes well beyond the scope of previous Government housing programs and the capacity of its agencies when it started in 2015?
  • Immediately following the hurricane, emergency housing recovery were undertaken with the assistance of many humanitarian agencies?

The Housing Recovery Project

Did you know that
  • The Housing Recovery Project (HRP) is the latest project to assist in building resilience in the housing sector and will be implemented between 2019 and 2023?
  • The HRP is funded by the World Bank through a loan and grant?
  • The HRP is designed to reconstruct 1,700 completely destroyed homes of approximately 500 sq. ft. of the most vulnerable people island wide?
  • The HRP will apply modern resilient building practices, using the new national building codes and World Bank environmental and social safeguards?
  • Both financial and technical assistance will be provided to drive the reconstruction process with the eligible participant?