What is Provided

Successful applicants, those who meet all required Eligibility Criteria and pass the comprehensive screening process, will be provided with financial and technical assistance through HRP to drive their individual, owner-driven reconstruction process.

Financial Assistance

Financial support will be provided in the form of a grant, to the homeowner, up to US$46,500 (~EC$125,000) with payment releases linked to attaining key construction stages of a safe, resilient new home. This technical assistance package includes;

The housing grant will be released to homeowner in three disbursements:

  • First Disbursement of Funds
    • Start-up funds for site preparation and foundation works
  • Second Disbursement of Funds
    • Completion of walls and core structure
  • Third Disbursement of Funds
    • Completion of outlets for utilities and roof
  • Retention money for payment on construction completion
    • A final payment will be retained and paid to the contractor upon final construction completion

Subsequent disbursements of funds will only be released after compliant construction to the required stage has been completed and verified by HRP technical staff.

The housing grant is intended to be used for:

  • Payment of the contractor to reconstruct the core house
  • Buying materials for the construction
  • Payment for transfer of materials, debris, and other costs associated with construction

Technical Assistance

Extensive technical assistance in terms of design, permitting and construction supervision, will enable successful applicants to reconstruct a new hurricane and earthquake resilient core house. This technical assistance package includes;

  • Site Assessors to ensure site safety from natural hazards during the application process
  • Homeowner orientation on project process and safe construction principles
  • Training of vetted contractors to ensure internationally recognized resilient best-practices in engineering and construction are adhered to
  • House design selection in line homeowner requirements
  • Preparation, submission and tracking of construction permit application
  • Supervision of construction to ensure internationally recognized resilient best-practices in engineering and construction are met

Administrative Assistance

In addition, successful participants will receive significant administrative assistance to be able to complete their reconstruction including;

  • Financial guidance on use of the grant. A grant agreement will be signed between the homeowner and the HRP project
  • Support in opening a bank account at the National Bank of Dominica
  • List of vetted contractors will be provided and support on how to enter into a construction agreement
  • Easy tracking of the house construction progress online