Project Model and Goals

This project model is home-owner driven.

HRP is a new, island wide project designed to build resilience in the housing sector through supporting safe, owner-driven reconstruction of destroyed houses, across Dominica. Implementation of owner-driven construction programs multiplies the positive change of building back better by affecting all the actors in the value chain of construction. The owner-driven approach puts the efforts of the builders, homeowners, building materials producers, and government institutions at the front lines of disaster risk, confronting the most common and severe construction deficiencies and permanently changing unsafe construction habits.

The owner-driven method is not only a way to respond immediately to a disaster, but also a means to increase the resilience of communities that have built their living environment informally throughout the years. Auto-constructed dwellings are housing millions of people in dense and precarious urban areas as well as hard-to-reach rural areas. Owner-driven construction programs offer them engineering services they could otherwise not afford, bringing them the building capacity and awareness that are needed for a safe living environment.

Successful applicants, those who meet all required Eligibility Criteria and pass the comprehensive screening process, will be provided with financial and technical assistance through HRP to drive their individual, owner-driven reconstruction process. Financial support will be provided in the form of a grant, to the homeowner, with payment releases linked to attaining key construction stages of a safe, resilient new home. This grant, coupled with extensive technical assistance in design, permitting and construction supervision, will enable successful applicants to reconstruct a new hurricane and earthquake resilient core house.

The very first step is for potential participants to commence the journey to a safe, resilient new home is to complete and submit the application form. Further support in completing the application form is available from the HRP team.

Potential participants, homeowners and other interested individuals and parties should be aware that for the duration of the project, questions, feedback, concerns and complaints can be reported through the contact page.

What are the Project Goals?

  • To provide 676 home owners with a grant to support resilient home reconstruction post Hurricane Maria
  • To provide technical support to the home owner to design and build a stronger future home

Further, the project is guided by the following principles:

  • The promotion of hazard-resistant construction standards and design;
  • Rebuilding of houses in-situ (on existing property including relocation on same property);
  • Ensuring of owner-driven rebuilding with technical assistance, training and supervision;
  • Utilization of easily accessible materials and familiar methods in rebuilding;
  • Offering of a uniform assistance package that is not compensation-based