Project Coordination

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica manages this project under the Ministry of Housing and Lands. A Project Implementation Unit under the Ministry of Housing has been established to coordinate activities under the project. Technical services will be hired to provide support for every step in the project to the home owner on their journey to reconstruct their house.

Who Can Help Me?

During the application process, coordinated assistance will be available as follows:

  • The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) - the central project team are available for any matter
  • Social Mobilizers - dedicated teams in communities across key district locations to help potential participants apply online. See schedule of social mobilisers for further information on support in applying to the HRP
  • Site Assessors - experienced engineers who will assess the site of the homeowner's destroyed property during the application process. The site assessment will be schedule for potential participants short listed after their application has been initially screened

Who Provides the Funds?

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica is funding the project with a grant from the World Bank.

Project Outputs

Output Highlights

  • Reconstruction of 676 houses of homeowners who meet the eligibility criteria
  • Development of a management information system for the Government to support the housing recovery program and the physical planning process
    • An approach which may be adapted to streamline various building processes in Dominica for more efficiency in the Government system in the future
  • Trained local individuals and companies in resilient technology in terms of building reconstruction and applying environmental and social safeguards in the housing sector
    • The project will increase the knowledge and practical skills of the residents of Dominica both within the government system, the private sector and youth